Prisoner Headless (Shuutai Headless) is a horror game created by rpgmaker tachi involving prisoners beheaded. It also evolves into one of the greatest stories ever told, you’ll see. Erina is a girl who appears in a mysterious place that seems to be an old prison. When she explores instead, she meets the mysterious figure known as the Red Witch, she warns that place is full of evil and prisoners seeking revenge. Erina must find a way to escape this place without getting caught by the prisoners.

Headless Prisoner

PC game: Shuutai Headless/Headless Prisoner
Release Date: June 6, 2015
Genre: Horror, Puzzle, Survival
Publisher: tachi
Translations: adricarra
Websites: |
Languages: English

Additional notes: You must RPGVXAce RTP to play the game.

Screen shots:

Headless Prisoner pc game

Headless Prisoner games download

Headless Prisoner pc download

Gameplay Video:

[symple_youtube id=”-50mOMt21-g”]



Headless Prisoner PC game Download:

Download Size: 268.3 MB
Links MEGA: Headless_Prisoner.rar |

How to install:
1. Download RPGVXAce_RTP.
2. Download Prisoner Headless.
3. Open with WinRAR.
4. Click the file and click on “Setup.exe” and complete the installation.
5. Open with WinRAR Headless_Prisoner.rar
6. Create a new folder on your desktop and extract the files in the folder.
7. Run “Game.exe”.
8. have fun!