Sword Coast Legends

Sometimes it seems that we are moving in circles. Thirteen years ago, I played Neverwinter Nights, the game set in the world of Dungeons & Dragons, who sought to capture the spirit of the desktop experience. But the choice of design made to the multiplayer worked for several solo compromise experience.

These cases. Sword allegedly unique art copy Legends of these stories Infinity Engine Neverwinter Nights and Days, which also gives the leading tool for creating and managing a campaign on the dining table. But the game is struggling to live up to its predecessors on both fronts.

In the country’s history, you take the part of the element generated Blazing Dawn of mercenary guild, which should guide the caravan in the pirate city of Luskan. Your party is attacked by another group of mercenaries, led by Knight Helm, who believe the guild is made up of believers demons (with, it happens that some justification). At the end of the start sequence has only three left the guild. Obsessed with wanting to discover the true cause of your attacks, you will look for answers to Luskan and throughout the Sword Coast.
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“During all my change, I think I’m the only one left to wipe twice, and the generous autosave meant that both times I was in the last section, the problem for ten minutes.”

Despite this intriguing, the opening sequence as very convincing. This opens a caravan on a common defense scenario, where you fight rats, goblins, and a small army of mercenaries while having some moderate nightmares about demons as pillars of the beginning of eternity, but without panache. The most stirring moment when a party member died early, and it was mainly because I equipped my best outfit, and was finally lost.

After that, the game performs well, you bounce between disparate areas of Luskan and Coast wider Swords. It efficiently reproduces the early 2000s the Bioware model, where you have to drag in the landscape, killing a wide variety of humanoid creatures and all the usual parameters: sewers, forests, abandoned castles, dungeons, and so right now. You will have harmful side quests, where you go, be it a sectarian flower shop or a hidden tomb necromancer – predictably – to the cemetery.


Sword Coast Legends Review

Press Alt lootables reveals all – which is very important in the 3D world.


As usual for this genre, intelligence suggests the murder of an array of enemies. You can do this in a tactical fight based on parties, where you can pause at any time, to obtain a more precise control over the capabilities of each person. If you are not under the direct control of your party members will be auto-attack using the special abilities or spells against them.

However, the often unnecessary stop. I ended up beating each combat situation with ease – perhaps due to tighter alignment of different enemies, perhaps because the magical effects of the battery section that allows characters to be incredibly control. And AI of your teammates, so I often am able to change my tank to ensure that the AI ​​has done all the work with classes of more complex mage and cleric.

During all my change, I think I was the only party to wipe twice, and the generous autosave meant that both times I was in the last section, the problem for ten minutes. Although he was on the poor level of complexity, changing the difficulty does not seem to offer much difference.

For AI overachieving, ease of collection department stores of magic and healing in the product life is too simple. My high capacity backpacks were bulging at the end of the first act with some weapons and armor outrageous-sounding, most of which have never seemed to have only a slight effect on the battle. Excess healing elements means that when someone is killed in action, a teammate can work again and restart them. He was a tough opponent tank strategy plausible that if two melee resurrects the other every time they died, an AI cleric heals sometimes rolled the master does damage. As every AI nature of self-healing your stash at every opportunity, I lived in fear of running out of recovery sets in an uphill battle, but falls generosity meant that never happened.

I mean, I liked exploring the character classes, especially through the prism of a handful of recruitable characters in your party. Leveling System directs players through a dense wood of competence that is easy to understand that the Dungeons & Dragons traditional system with a huge list of skills. Each character has access to a range of classes based on skill trees, this means that you can pretty much customize your style of play. In my passes, the alleged necromancer Hommet struck up a friendship fire mage, while my house was good for Rogue slightly different than picking locks and escapes.

Party characters staid in terms of design and writing, but with good voice acting throughout. Do you have a rogue dwarf, dwarf warrior Elf Cleric human masters. Hommet is a stand-out; Necromancer student nervous, which has all the best features, and transmits a large infinite surprise on his mortality and / or clumsiness. You start to hear the same lines over and over again very soon, but I never tire of it. Well, if you are looking and the corresponding character is, they can communicate by magic camp. This means that each character is with you all the time, so you can complete each personal story in a single pass.

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“Symbols of the part is measured in terms of design and writing, but with good voice acting throughout.”

It’s easy to play through the campaign with friends online, thanks to the multiplayer steam and a solid support network code of the game, even if the button be comfortable in the game to load not work when writing . During the campaign, the other is a great opportunity for network adventurers such as the possibility of playing with the Dungeon Master.

Dungeon Master tools allow players to create their own dungeons, then play an active battle management by creating traps and monsters. However, as of this writing, the dungeon creation tool is much simpler and smaller than the other games that have done this, and there is no support for coding or complex logic. (For those who have played the magic circle, is not much more powerful than disposable parody of DM included at the end of the game.)


Sword Coast Legends PC Review

The game has autosave – so carefully on the decisions of the dialogue …


Once you have created or downloaded Premade dungeon alone, you can take your friends or online at Dungeon Crawl Randoms. Dungeon Master can directly control the players through the dungeons, making the most complex and unpredictable progression, not necessarily trying to derail. DM sets new traps and creatures, spending life under the name of the threat that recharges as progress of the players.

Now, the best RPG of the desktop experience I’ve played on diabetes from the flexibility of the hinge and its ability to change history and how a player in response to Actio Player. For example, for changing the history or key NPCs die, because the players deviated from its planned route. Toolset Sword Coast Restrictions means DM can not deal with the players’ actions in this direction. It should hold at road level, it is integrated, as do the players, which means that changes in the dungeon, history either.

Finally, considering how much the treatment seems to need the spell of the Sword Coast and commonplace dirty air Legends. The world easy to forget. The waste water, forests, dilapidated buildings, castles and guard – perhaps the beauty of the game is limited by the need to respect reusable tilesets, or perhaps the lack of clarity to the 3D design.

Despite the lack of beauty and biting Sword Coast of Legends, but there are certain things for him. A familiar battle system works, Hommet humor helped me survive quests, lots of loot, and the critical path is solid. It may take too long to get into his stride, but it is not useful piece for us until the tide on the actual tabletop roleplaying game simulation arrives.