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What does it mean to be human? This is one of the most versatile types of questions we can ask. As such, cyberpunk exists to examine such existential dilemma. It makes us look at ourselves and seek answers to what is the most fundamental of the human condition. From this point of view, memory is a resounding success.

External ROM carefully arranged, stylish adventure game that looks like it would have been released 20 years ago. It begins with an explanatory introduction short and quiet, run down the hall to investigate. This modest preface quickly leads to dark stories on poverty, the lower classes of society and lonely, the robot ambiguous gender is looking for its creator.

Robot, Turing, is the first totally artificial to be wise in history. As he begins to explore and understand its own existence, Turing comes to doubt his gender identity, and weighs the value of their desires against those of her missing founder. After the disappearance of his “father”, Turing you, old looking, hoping that you can help Turing to reconstruct what happened. And so begins the book-investigation, trying to find his old friend and creator of Turing Hayden. From there, ROM turns in the history of socially progressive neo-noir.

By setting mid-21 th century in the game, there are several technological characteristics – in terms of the extraordinary progress they redefine the relationship of humanity to everyone, especially himself. If the procedure of ROM such as splicing the gene are common. It is normal to see a cat literal person in the bar. This, plus the creation of artificial intelligence Turing as a self-conscious, will be sufficient to test the conventions of any society, and the New San Francisco is no different.

Read Only Memories PC Review

What Cyberpunk game would be complete without a rave?


It is a city brought to the brink of years of social upheaval and economic problems. Its citizens are divided between several hard line, including the degree of genetic technology or increased. And it is there, in the descriptions of people and settings that shines ROM.

Owning 16-bit games like Snatcher aesthetics, and the Union of grace, combined star-ROM writing and world populated by colorful and expressive characters. Small robots scooted around the garbage collection, while the confident smile on your “contact” at the bar betray their true motives. The same degree of care and pride went into a dialogue. The verbal exchanges in the range of roundabout concise and witty and delicate. Taken together, they provide the high level of the New San Francisco depth. Not without motivation; No one is ever static. Dynamic characters push and pull back on their terms. In the fight of his characters in ROM, in particular, creates a credible personalities stable Turing.

Instead of paving stones along a sense Rube Goldberg machines as you would in the Tales of Monkey Island, I just found a brick and threw it.
Once you enter, Turing is full of emotional dynamism. Set against the beautiful pixel art backgrounds, Turing stands. Where each main character, maybe three great emotions they convey, Turing a dozen. Although each person reacts, Turing is unique in the fact that, again, it is the first all-wise maker, and the one who, above all others, is the most expressive “man.” This is a feature that brings Turing in accordance with other conventional boats like Star Trek, Futurama Bender or replicants in Blade Runner. This coupled with the narrative pride of gender policy (see below), sends a strong signal to the expansion of the limits that we provide individuality.

Read Only Memories Games Review

Expressive Turing help RomS selling theme of tolerance and acceptance beautifully.


ROM takes this subject further, weaving an abrupt about respect and universal humanity – regardless of appearance or circumstances. Turing Reactivity is the strongest union that different pronouns begin to be dispersed, it becomes increasingly difficult to ignore their preferences. For all purposes of narration, Turing is a companion, your equal.

As part of your investigation, you will see more and more people who defy gender norms and personality. Some women with a mustache and a goatee, while others are ambiguous, and only a few human-animal hybrids. This may be a strange concept for us, especially when the disk media is considered as discrimination against these hybrids, but it is clear, a metaphor for those who change their bodies in the real world. ROM, in terms not so subtle, suggests that some people have to change their appearance, feel comfortable in their own skin. It also teaches you what looks alone can not tell you all you need to know about the person; Image must not disclose the extent of their thoughts and feelings. Through writing and characteristics of ROM effectively illustrates the importance of the Fundamental Rights Agency for their appearance and why the story of a man does not begin and does not end with just this purpose.

Dynamic characters push and pull back on their terms. In the fight of his characters in ROM, in particular, creates a credible personalities stable Turing.
Because the drive is designed after a black point and click adventure game, the game is very simple. You and Turing investigate the scene button, click the objects, sorting through text flavor and paste what happened. Puzzles much less than the dull that many longtime fans of adventure games can be used, however, and it is a welcome change. At one point, I had to disperse the crowd of demonstrators to meet someone in the object of gene splicing. Instead of paving stones along a sense Rube Goldberg machines as you would in the Tales of Monkey Island, I just found a brick and threw it. Some time later, when I need someone to information in a bar, I heard them say that they want a fruit drink. So I ordered apple martini, and they started talking.

Read Only Memories PC game Reviews

ROM writing a reference, and sometimes banal, but it is a decent option for its many inspirations and comes off more like a tribute to the well-made than anything else.


This does not in any profound sense, but it connects the action in the story very well. Taste text, much excellent writing, and it creates a real sense of exploration through each scene. Sometimes you also hit the mini-game. In one case, you will have to take control of the traffic lights to keep the car to escape. These puzzles are a bit more complicated, and help deepen tensions in certain acts. The only sin ROM is a fact that sometimes it drags a little story lines are too long, or overwhelm them with unnecessary tasks.

How do we define “human” and accept us as part of a larger “we” is the biggest question ROM. Difficulties in-groups and out-groups means that the ROM is an inevitable policy. Terrible atrocities between a group of people on the other are often associated with dehumanization, with the adoption of a group of people and their fire less than human. In the context of the world and society, which are still accepting lesbians, gays, bisexuals, strange, and transgender people, ROM clearly says that if you can relate to pretend kind of fluid robot, you can bind and connect with someone, it is a bold, declarative statement of support of the aesthetic competence almost all forward. ROM resounding success, and one of the most exciting adventures I’ve ever had.


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