Football Manager 2016

Over the years, I have played dozens of iterations of Football Manager and its predecessor, the manager of the championship. I took more than twenty teams from rags to riches. I won the World Cup, Champions League, Premier League, Championship, League, Serie A, La Liga, Bundesliga, and especially to the Romanian second division. At this time last year, I thought. The range of minor problems and disappointments with Football Manager 2,015 left me too upset to continue.

It is not the last. The edition of this year, while the shortcomings recorded enough of my quibbles, draw me. And, as always, Football Manager is a fairy generator. It is quite possible to achieve a struggling club with a great history, introducing new innovative tactics, and bring them up. It is easy enough that you can do, but hard enough that you never quite sure, you can. It is teetering on the edge of a beautiful knife, and his greatest achievement sells you fancy sitting in a chair head.

Football Manager 2016 Review

I did it deliberately this guy sounds strange, but honestly, it was not dificult.


Football on display this year is also a thoroughly modern with a degree of fluidity and pumping position that feels authentic football world today. The fact that the attacker least tactical (something in the real world coaches were interfering for many years) is now finally found its place in the defined formations the game shows a desire to keep pace with time. If Football Manager last year felt strangely retro, this year will be advanced.

This does not mean that all my problems disappeared Football Manager. I still think the game has a serious problem with the bells and whistles. People play Football Manager for many reasons, and I firmly reminded that in the past those who want a simulation “realistic” assets are incredibly slow and exploring endless questions. This is not to a position that I can agree with, however. I think this time plunged irritating barrier to playing matches, and accordingly, Football Manager and I disagree for a while.

Fortunately, three years ago, its creators at Sports Interactive have recognized this split in fans by introducing the Classic mode, which is currently rebranding mix in Football Manager Touch, even if it plays well with a mouse and keyboard. It offers a stripped-down, fluid approach to play. It was a godsend, offering a version of the game, which focuses on the fact that I felt was important.

Football Manager 2016 PC Review

The user interface, which in the old iterations seemed slightly better than the color of the table, it was smooth and intuitive.


Football Manager, usually comes with an army of insignificant border adjustments, which thus deliver a noticeable difference in whole, but individually, it is difficult to exceptional. There are, however, several new features that have had a significant impact here. Let’s start with a new series of parts manufacturer, which is a fine example of a tendency to show a further improvement works well. For many years, I was slightly annoyed that I can not have a set of angular directions, regardless of whether the person taking the right to kick or left foot. Currently, the course of this problem will be solved and I can run his team through a variety of set pieces to start.

Then there is a diet club. I still remember the fans football manager game editor used to add to your gaming friends in a new club. There’s a forum of culture is full of games like these. Now, Sports Interactive has found that strange social aspect of the game and gives players the ability to create a club in a much more accessible way.

Multiplayer games, meanwhile, can now begin with the project such as the United States, allowing the player control superteams battle with the greatest players in the world. It is times like these that I reassure developers football coach to understand why I, and others, like me, love the series. It’s all about living in a world unique fantasy Soccer – preferably where Aston Villa to win a lot.

I also strangely fascinated by the ability to create an avatar of your stage manager, allowing him to scream and shout at his players of the wing. They all completely awful, but there is something strangely endearing about them, too. For the record, yes, you can choose a male or female managers.

Football Manager 2016 PC Games Review

New interface and presentation of the football coach of miniature 2016.


At the same time, I must admit that the “full” way of Football Manager is still very important to me. Many new features this year include the media interaction, the game that has not worked well for a long extended period. I still players interrupting me to express their concerns, we do not have enough wingers, despite the fact that I was not planning to play everything. I said, I can not dismiss their concerns forcefully, gently, quietly, or passion Unfortunately, I’m not sure what the difference is.

Interestingly, Sports Interactive has said it plans to sell a standalone version of Football Manager Touch, with the release date of “sometime before Christmas.” If you are a Football Manager player like me, you might be better to wait for it. For now, you can find Football Manager Click here to Football Manager 16. Many new features – a piece of the Creator Together, create a club and tactics slightly changed interface – available while nearly Touch, all I does not like it was cut, This coupled with the fact that the match engine feels just a little lower than Joachim Pyulisa this year was enough to bring me back.

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