Jump into the abyss is horrible. Gravity is no mercy and no matter how prepared you may be, you are not likely to get hurt. The room on the bottom of the wells embodies that fear. At the bottom of the wells is a game about diving into the unknown and learn to adapt to the consequences, and this is a descent full of exciting action.

In the bottom of wells, you control the character using only three inputs: left, right, and universal key measures. When you press the action, but on the ground makes your character jump. Pressing the action button, and in the air cause your character to shoot a limited number of bullets down and the balls can break destructible floors, eliminate enemies and let your character you hover over a short period. There is only one goal: to reach the bottom. And when you die, you start from scratch. The main system is simple, but the advantage is that it makes the game extremely easy pick up and play. Eliminating the need to think about moving in another direction, or even switching between two separate buttons to jump and fire, successfully allows players to concentrate fully on the task at hand.

No platform, no problem.


Each level is randomly generated, and there is no way to stop and look to the future to assess what may appear enemies or traps. There are sensors that increase your health, ammo capacity, and give you new weapons, but there is no guarantee that you can fall microphones. End of the level of modernization of character give you useful skills, such as causing the blocks explode into balls and the ability to consume health agencies, but also selected from a random pool.

These fraudulent products that are not new, but unique contribution to the mix at the well bottom is the use of gravity. The only way to progress through the stages of the game continue to drop, and, as it happens, gravity makes your character falls damn fast. Background well design focuses on the management of situations caused by hidden dangers beneath you, how did you get into them at high speed. Your character is vulnerable from above, and if you can not deal with the enemy, as soon as you dropped by, it is generally safer to keep jumping until they are upon you. Narrow vertical steps leave little room for maneuver, and death occurs quickly if you trap the enemies. In addition to prevention, jump on his head and shooting is the only way to deal with enemies, but some species can be defeated by either. Education and correctly respond to these dangers, as you free fall quickly through the stages of a psychiatric evaluation, but satisfactory task if it runs successfully.

Trapped platforms come early, to make sure you keep moving.


The speed of the game frustrating at first, and it is tempting to try to take it slow, descending a platform, while ensuring that all enemies clearly, and take a short break before proceeding. It is also tempting to take your favorite rifle module, one whose distribution and the ability to slow the descent damage corresponds to the desired playing style. He works for the first few levels, but past the first games of the world, this approach is calculated only another disappointment. Field traps are introduced that cause damage if your character is delayed too long, the time on the basis of mechanics makes the race until the end of the level and solid platform for leisure are increasingly rare . But once you begin to get familiar with a series of game barriers and learn to better respond to the situation by playing deep wells at a faster pace becomes incredibly enjoyable. Keeping up with the speed of rapid drop your character and quash decisions on how to deal with enemies and speeding past the platform can sometimes lead to disaster. But managing to rush through a stretching level, facing whatever comes your way, do not even touch the ground is Joyus feeling when you remove it.

“… From management to rush through a stretching level, facing whatever comes your way, do not even touch the ground is Joyus feeling when you shoot.”

The character begins each start with a small amount of health and the ability of the ball, and a method for improving these features to locate the sensors in the side rooms that sometimes appear in the stadiums. The problem is that each pick-up is also a new weapons module. This results skillful design solution in a number of interesting options: to restore health in a death situation or the ability to upgrade your weapons for later levels, you need to change your weapon to the fact that you can not necessarily be comfortable. While training to learn how to use all the weapons could be a positive side effect, the available weapons can sometimes be completely unsuitable for the type of testing that may come. Never knowing the decision you make will seriously harm you boring at first, but you will soon get to understand extra layer equations than unknown games positively to the bottom of the wells by magnifying the omnipresent sense of danger.

First, you get a drop-down list. Then you get money. Then you get the update.


More incentives to the bottom of the well, to keep the fast and risky combo system play of the game: Each player kill the enemy before they hit the ground counted combo multiplier, which can ultimately reward you with increased ammunition capacity and high amount of money to be held in sporadically placed Shops updates. Because your character has a limited number of shots into the air before running out of ammunition, and jumping on enemies refreshing ammunition, keeping long combo becomes difficult feat of perception, quick decision making and skillful execution. Jumping on an enemy while avoiding other, shooting the gap in the floor and fall through it and then stabilize himself and to maneuver into a position where you can stomp on for other enemies to improve your ammunition is packed excitement. Skills and learning vocabulary games gives you confidence to venture long chain combos, and it is here where you can discover the most exciting times in the bottom of the well again.

“Study Skills and word games gives you confidence to venture long chain combos, and it is here where you can discover the most exciting times in the bottom of the well, again and again.”
The idea of ​​falling into the unknown is horrible, but deep wells is a game where the system has forced you to take more risks, and enjoy the rewards and excitement of pushing your limits to reach a new record staff. The difficulty and hard work required to master bottom of the wells do not make it easy, but its direct control, text presentation utility, and a steady stream of exciting moments do not travel constantly pleasant and interesting experience, no matter how Once you may have to die at the first stage.

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