• Headless Prisoner

    Headless Prisoner

    Prisoner Headless (Shuutai Headless) is a horror game created by rpgmaker tachi involving prisoners beheaded. It also evolves into one of the greatest stories ever told, you’ll see. Erina is a […]

  • The Boogie Man

    The Boogie Man

    They say the police can get married to their work, and nobody knows better than Keith. It is a fantastic detective, but a cold, ruthless attitude which fails to make […]

  • Resident Evil 4

    Resident Evil 4

    PC game: Resident Evil 4 Release Date: 2005-01-11 Genre: Survival Horror Publisher: Capcom Region: Europe Languages: English – German – French – Spanish – Italian System Requirements: OS: Windows XP […]

  • Silent Hill 4: The Room

    Silent Hill 4: The Room

    PC game: Silent Hill 4: The Room Release Date: 2004-07-07 Genre: Survival Horror Publisher: Konami Region: United States Languages: English System Requirements: OS: Windows 98/2000 / ME / XP or […]

  • Silent Hill 2: Director’s Cut

    Silent Hill 2: Director’s Cut

    Silent Hill 2 in one of the best survival horror games ever made. If you want to experience in all its glory, this is the version to get. Included with […]